Poker Hand Nicknames

With the massive increase of on and offline poker players and the literal poker explosion in the last several years, poker hand nicknames have become more popular than ever. While some hand nicknames are relatively easy to remember “American Airlines, Fisher Hook, or King Kong”, the newer poker generation may have trouble with others like “Racetracks, Midlife Crisis, Piano Keys or Asterix & Obelix. Read on to learn about Bullets and Siegfried & Roy, so the next time you sit down at a table, you sound like a pro.

Single Poker Card Nicknames

Rocket, Bullet

Kangaroo, Cowboy, K-Boy, Knight

Lady, Bitch, Dyke, Girl, Mop Squeezer, Hen, Cowgirl

Fishhook, Johnny, Jackal, Valet, Boy, Bower, Knave

Dime, Sawbuck

Niner, Neener, Nina Ross

Fat Lady, Ocho, Snowman

Hockey Stick, Candy Cane, Mullet



Broken Ace, Sailboat, Boat, Sharp Top

Butt, Trey, Crab

Deuce, Duck, Swan, Quacker, Dewey

Poker Pocket Cards Nicknames

Rockets, American Airlines, Bullets, Batteries, Two Pips, Rocks, Sharp Tops, Alan Alda, Flying Nazis

King Kong, Cowboys, Royalty, Knights, Gorillas, Kangaroos, Ace Magnets, Korean Airlines, Brokeback, Big Ugly

Ladies, Cowgirls, Bitches, Hookers, Siegfried & Roy, Four Tits Snowshoes

Fishhooks, Hooks, Jokers, Johnnies, Jaybirds, Jokers, Brothers

Dimes, Audi, Binary, Boxcars, TNT, Dynamite, Tension

German Virgins, Popeye’s, Phil Hellmuth, Gretzky, Barbara Feldon

Snowmen, Two Fat Ladies, Octopussy, Time Travel, Piano Keys, Little Oldsmobile, Double Infinity, Infinities, Racetracks, Doggie Balls

Axes, Candy Canes, Walking Sticks, Hockey Sticks, Mullets, Sunset Strip

Route 66, Boots, Cherries, Kicks

Nickels, Speed Limit, Presto, Sammy Hagar, Snakes

Luke Skywalker, Sailboats, Midlife Crisis, Magnum

Crabs, Hooters, Treys

Dueces, Ducks, Swans, Quack Quack, Desmond, Richard Nixon

Unpaired Pocket Cards Nicknames

Big Slick, Machine Gun, Kalashnikov, Anna Kournikova, Santa Barbara, Walking back to Houston

Little Slick, Mrs Slick, Rocket Queen, Big Chick, Big Slut, Anthony & Cleopatra

Blackjack, Jackass, Ajax, Armani Jeans, Hijack, Trapasso, Foamy Cleanser

Bookends, Johnny Moss

Jesus, Gimp Hand, Rounders Hand

Dead Man’s Hand, Asterix and Obelix

Slapshot, The Sonnert

Mile High Club

High Five

Transvestite, Stu Ungar, Plane Crash

Thrace, Ashtray, Baskin Robbins

Little Slick, Drinking Age, Hunting Season

King of Queens, Royal Couple, Marriage, Valentine’s Day, Lucy & Ricky

Kojak, King John, Harry Potter, Jackie Kennedy, Joking, Bachelor’s Hand

Big Al, Ike Turner, Katie, Ken or Woodcutter

Canine, Dog, Mongrel, The Doctor Who, Bow Wow, Rin Tin Tin, Fido, Sawmill

Kokomo, Kate, Feast

Columbia River, Kevin


Seattle Special, Knives

Core, Fork

Sizzler, Three Kings, Alaska Hand, King Crab

King Fritz, Donald The Zepik

JQuery, Maverick, Hawaii, Oedipus, Quack

Cutie, Q-Tip, Quint, Robert Varkonyi, Tarantino



Computer Hand

Granny Mae


Busboy, Gay Waiter, Windsor Waiter

Daisy, Queen Liz

John Terry, T. J. Hooker, Cloutier, Justin Timberlake

TJ Clouter, Braggars

Jeffrey Dahmer, Jacket

Jack Daniels


Motown, Jackson Five, Rock n Roll

The New Motown, Flat Tire, Kid Grenade

J-Lo, Lumberjack

Heckle and Jeckle, Jack Shit

Countdown, Mobile Hand


Daniel Negreanu, Bowling Hand, Split

Sweet, Sweet Sixteen

Woolworth, Merfs, Nickel and Dime, Five n Dime

Convoy, Trucker’s Hand, Broderick Crawford, Roger That, and Over and Out, CB

Fast Connection, Hot Waitress

Doyle Brunson

Oldsmobile, Olds

Carpet Ride

Happy Meal, Big Lick, Prom Night,The Dirty, Good Lover

Hard Working Man, Nine to Five, Dolly Parton

San Francisco, Joe Montana Banana, San Francisco, 49er

Jack Benny

Twiggy, Montana Banana


Pooch, Henry Bowen, Rick James, Eubie


Big Brother, Orwell

Raquel Welch, Most feared hand


Union Oil, Trombones

007, Casino Royale, Heinz, Rifle

Kalashnikov, Double Down, Ghost Dog

Joe Hachem, Dutch Waiter, Swedish Busboy

Beer Hand, Hammer, W.H.I.P.

Ken Warren, Buss Pass

Billion Dollar Hand, Arlo

Blocky, Spanish Inquisition, Jimmy


Moneymaker, Jesse James, Colt

Juggernaut, Bully Johnson

Quarter, Bomber, Two Bits, Pick-Up

Waltz, Books

The Answer, Jack Bauer, The Principle, Lumberman’s Hand

Hooter Hand, Michael Jordan, Low Nuts, Can of Corn

Poker Board Hand Names

We can summarize that the nicknames of poker terminology is automatically strengthens the reader’s trust.