Poker Hand Nicknames

Poker Hand Nicknames

Over the years, poker hands have been given many other nicknames, learn the hole cards and improve your vocabulary while you improve your game. Check below for a list of all poker card names so the next time you sit down at a table, you sound like a real pro.

Single Card Poker Nicknames

Rocket, Bullet
Cowboy, Knight
Girl, Lady, Dame
Fishook, Boy, Knave, Bower
Dime, Sawbuck
Fat Lady, Snowman
Hockey Stick, Candy Cane
Nickel, Spot
Broken Ace, Sailboat, Boat
Crab, Trey
Duck, Deuce, Swan

Hole – Pocket Card Poker Nicknames

Rockets, Bullets, American Airline, Flying Nazis, Jumbos, Sharp Tops
King Kong, Knights, Gorillas, Ace Magnets, Krispy Kreme
Ladies, Siegfried & Roy, Snow boots
Johnnies, Fish Hooks, J-Birds, Good Times, Suckers, Brothers, Veterasn
Dimes, Tension, TNT, Dynamite
Phil Hellmuth, German Virgin, Popeyes, Wayne Gretzky
Snowmen, Piano Keys, Pretzels, Two Fat Ladies, Oldsmobile, Racetracks
Hockey Sticks, Candy Canes, Axes, Mullets, Sunset Strip, Walking Sticks
Cherries, Boots, Kicks, Route 66
Presto, Nickels, Snakes, Speed Limit, Sammy Hagar
Sailboats, Magnum, Canadian Presto, Colt
Crabs, Treys
Ducks, Quack Quack, Desmond, Richard Nixon